With over 17 years in the industry, Inspectadoors has built a reputation as one of the most professional and efficient Roller Shutter repair services in Gauteng.


Though Roller Shutters are a great way to protect your business or property, we know a lot of things can go wrong. From faulty or broken springs, tired gearboxes and mechanical failures, to doors or that have been bent or bumped - any number of tiny issues might cause your shutters to malfunction.


Luckily our team of experts are on hand to help get your Roller Shutters rolling again in no time in Gauteng! We travel with an extensive range of spares and tools to repair and maintain your specific model. If a replacement motor is needed we stock only the finest Centurion and DC Blue brand motors –the best products the industry has to offer.


We promise:

  • A free 24-hour emergency call out service anywhere in Gauteng*.
  • Same day repairs.
  • A 6 to 12-month guarantee on all new motor installations.
  • Guaranteed workmanship.
  • To beat any written quote!


We service anything from small residential Roller Shutters to large commercial varieties in Gauteng.

With our quality guarantee, quick and professional service, and promise to BEAT ANY WRITTEN QUOTE in Gauteng –so what have you got to lose?


Contact us now and let Inspectadoors get your Roller Shutters rolling again today!

Call us on 079 903 1575 or 082 268 3015

* Terms and conditions apply